Street Roller Derby

A game with friends according to the fair play principle without referees 

    Game requirements: 

  • At least 12 people / two different T-shirt colours 
  • helmetcover, each per team (Pivot + Jammer) 
  • stopwatch (or mobile phone) + at least one whistle 
  • string + chalk (if no proper track is available) 

Track preparation: 

a string, 11m long, with small knots in the places B= 0,3m, 

C= 3,84m, D= 8,11m, E= 10,73m. A0= Starting point 

Playtime:   Sketch of the track:  

There are only full two-minute jams. The breaks 

between the jams can be as long as you like. The duration of the entire game is agreed by the players. 


There is no initial pass and no lead. For a pass on ALL opposing blockers on the track there is one point in total. In a Star Pass (Def: only between Jammer and Pivot. It is allowed to give, to throw and to lay down the helmetcover) you also get the point, after passing all opposing Blockers. There is no NoPass-NoPenalty. If the jam ends while the jammer is still behind an opponent’s blocker, there is no point for it. 

Game play: 

With 6 people per team, there’s 1 jammer + 3 blockers on the track. If there are 7 people or more per team there are 1 jammer and 4 blockers on the track. The pack definition for Blocker refers to the current rulesset (read it, if old or no knowledge exists). 

One skater who is on the bench blows the jam (2 min.) on and off and writes down the points of both teams. The other skater on the opposing bench pays attention to pack definition „No Pack – Pack is all”; and „Out of play”). The remaining persons on the benches are doing penalty calls. 

Fouls / Penaltys: 

According to the fair play principle and the current rulesset for block and target zones these are the important fouls: CUT, FORARMS, BACK-, LOW-, CLOCKWISE-, HIGH-BLOCK, OUT of PLAY 

The following fouls do not exist: All ILLEGAL fouls, All ASSIST fouls, DELAY of GAME 

Penaltycalls: TEAM color + name or number + penalty 

There are no foul outs. Whoever collects penaltys plays less anyway. 

Penaltybox = Player’s bench: 

If someone has committed a foul and was called for this, the person will sit on their player bench until the jam is over. This person is not allowed to call penalties. 

If both jammers or all blockers of a team are in the bench area due to fouls, the jam is called off. 

Starting with the next jam all people with Penalty are allowed to play again.